Monday, October 31, 2005


im panic right now. i finished working and came back home as usual.
one of my co-workers at the english school called me and said ' our school went bankrupt.... we are fired and we're not gonna get payed for the last month' i had no idea what she was talking about at first. she suggested me to call all of my students first. so i called them. it took me for about 2 hours to finish talking to every mothers of the students. some families already payed for the school fee for next 3 years in advance and they were really upset about what just happened. after a while i realized that i got this one paper from a court in tokyo and it said all about the bankruptcy at my school..
i feel so sorry to some of the families but when i think about myself, i can continue teaching to some of my students and will probably make much more than i used to. i hope everything is gonna be okay.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

i met saemi and mami tonight. as i mentioned before saemi came back from england to renew her visa. when i saw her, i didnt really feel like she's been away for 6 months. she gave us tea as a souvenir which is im drinking now. oishii =D i usually like milk tea but this one has a vanilla flavour and its good enough that i dont have to add milk in it.
after we had japanese cuisine, we went to a contume party. we shouldve dressed up!! last year, i was in america and i dressed up as a high school girl on halloween. danny became a high school boy and we made a really cute high school couple.haha...
halloween is kind of an american culture so half of the people there were foreigners yesterday. it was interesting! we had a costume contest during the party. i dont remember the 3rd place but the 2nd place was a tennis player and the 1st place was a mummy and a austine powers. there was a wannabe of justine timberlake. i thought he really looked like him.
i got soooo drunk and i had to drive back to saemi's home. she drove my car home instead of me because i was totally loaded. after i said good bye to her, i still felt like i was drunk... so i decided to take a nap on the way to my home and slept for a while. it took me for 2 hours to get back.
im sorry, SAEMI... i hope you had fun. take care ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A half day off!!

i havent had any days off for like 3 weeks lately. no wonder i have nothing to update about my life. lol.
oh, one of my close friends came back to japan from england last sunday and im gonna meet up with her this coming saturday!! long time no see...saemi lol.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

do you know about 'falsehood'?
people somone who dont hesitate to lie.
we came across this one guy recently at my company.
he called at our office and he said, ' i'd like to buy a car, HUMMER H2'. our sales men are always really picky about customers when they sell expensive cars to them. but in this case, none of the sales men, including our boss could recognize that all his story that he was telling to them was a total lie!!
after we did all of the paper work and registered his name for the car, thing has happened. ' i called the bank to send you the money for the car earlier' ' ill pay on next monday' we have got NO money from him yet. all he has been saying was just incompatible and untruthful.
the expensive to register, adjust, taxes for the car was over *******yen. lol and once you resister a new car, the value of the cars get down a lot. we got fucked up!!!!! we are thinking to sue at a court.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

i went to this sake festival its called 'sake mathuri' today.
we have that festival once a year in saijo. ive been there once before but i'd never got into the main place. the ticket was 1000yen to get in. they had all kinds of sake from all over japan and it was an 'all you can drink' style. too bad that most of sake were sold out because it was the last day today. we could still drink sake from hiroshima. there were so many loaded people. if it happens in other counties, it would be like a chaos and fighting everywhere but it was totally peace and everyone was having fun drinking!
it was my friend, wes's birthday too. so after we came back to hiroshima, we went to a bar and kept drinking and played pool.
it was a fun day today ;)

Friday, October 07, 2005

this is my first time to make my own blog.
i was looking at some blogs of my friends and it inspired me =)
ill try to write in english but forgive me if i make lots of mistakes.

i went to aerobics today. i started because i've been getting chubby and of course for my health!! actually, danny highly recommended me that i should work out. haha.
i tend to turn red on my face quickly which is a bit embarrasing. other than that, its FUN!! i highly recommend that you guys should do that, too ;)