Saturday, November 26, 2005

i hang out with ken and tanya and ben tonight again. we drunk A LOT. first, we went to a restaurant to cereblate someone's birthday. we stayed there for a bit and we moved to YOSHINOYA to have a rice bowl. we werent ready for karaoke yet so we went to irish bar and had some drinks. finally, karaoke!! everyone was hasitating to sing at the beginning but tanya and ben loved it so much :) we went to two more places after that. we all got tired but it was a fun night ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i went to hot spring with some of my friends today. my japanese friend, his friend was visiting him from enngland. he came to japan for the first time. i knew it was gonna be an interesting experience for him to go to hot spring because no one becomes naked in front of people in other countries. it was an outside one and so beautiful. we could see colored mountains and a view from a tub.
we saw some festivals was being held on the way to the place. after onsen, we walked to the place to see what's going on there. it was a chrysanthemum festival. they were selling sake, red bean soup, yakitori and stuff. we saw a kagura inside a building as well. it was good fun since i havent seen them playing in a while.
at night, ken's parents took us for dinner. i've known them since i was in kindergarten but i havent met since that time. they didnt recognized me at first lol. they said i used to be chubbier. i guess its true :p its good because i look better than before, right? haha...
we had a great time today!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

this is a random picture of danny and his friend, gil. i thought he looks good in this picture :)
always drunk on weekends but study hard during weekdays...

Monday, November 07, 2005


this is a picture of the wedding of my cousin last week. the groom was my cousin in this picture. the bride, RIE was really cute in that dress...

hope that they'll be happy for good.