Saturday, February 18, 2006

i found something crazy today!
there is a band called 'NO REGRET LIFE' in japan. they used to sing a theme song of anime, NARUTO. do you know who they are? anyway, i knew that the vocal was from hiroshima. and it turned out that he was my classmate in highschool lol.
i was hanging out with my friends from highschool today and one of them showed me a magazine, said like ' you'll be surprised'. i was like 'WAAAT? KAZUSOOOO!!!!' which is his name... i was amazed cuz he was never good at singing before. we all knew that cuz we used to go karaoke together. just like normal people. now i can be pround of myself graduated from gionkita high school. i thought there were only otaku people in my highschool before...
i cant wait till going to their concert in march 4th. ;D


Blogger y4but said...

yo that's CRAZY. i want to meet him and get an autograph ;)

11:53 PM  
Blogger yukari said...

ill ask him to get one for you in march 4th!! im sure he'll be so happy to hear that americans even know your songs :)

1:42 AM  

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