Monday, March 06, 2006

it was a busy but fun week last week.

there was an anniversary party @ shack on the 1st of march. they had some live performances. Wes played the guitar, too. it was awesome!!! my friend vernon and i requested him 'green eyes'. he ended up not singing that cuz he thought the sound wasnt good there at the stage. anyway, there were 300 people at the bar and i thought he did a great job. ;)

march, 4.
i finally got to see my high school friend at ' namiki junktion'. as i mentioned before, my friends and i decided to go to a live concert of 'No regret life' when we discovered our old friend in that band on a magazine.
we were a little nervous before they showed up on the stage cuz we hadnt seen him since we graduated from high school. of course he noticed us during the concert and smiled at us. no wonder we were standing in a second row lol. we couldnt get a chance to talk to him but we were all glad to see and hear him. i'd like to cheer him as one of his fans.
i checked my highschool album when i came back home. there was a picture that i was holding his hand. haha. i have to be proud of it.


Blogger Vernon said...

Busy and fun, a great way to be!
Carry on with loving life.

7:26 AM  

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