Saturday, June 10, 2006

this was the second time to go to 'sanzoku' in yamaguchi. its not a normal restaurant. i can say that its more like a place for sightseeing and you can eat japanese food there. it was kind of hard core for me to drive all the way to the place. besides, i had lessons after a while lol.

there was one of the biggest events in hirosima 'toukasan' from the 2nd to 4th of june. tanya and i wanted to wear yukata but we couldnt make it since i didnt know how to put them on.people from other countries think i have to know how to wear yukata since im japanese. does any of you know how?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ken, tanya, danny and i conquered a 'man sanbe' mountain. it took us 2 hours to get to the top of the mountain.

danny flew to kansai from chicago. we went to osaka, kyoto as our first trip. we met my old roomate who i used to live with in van. unfortunately it rained so hard and we couldnt go anywhere. on the third day, we got to become 'maiko' and 'samurai'. it was pretty cool. i guess you cant see my skin but it looked horribly bad. we went sightseeing after that. there were a lot of students as a school trip around 'kiyomizu dera'. its famous for commiting a suicide around there. i heard someone jumped off and died recently...

Monday, May 01, 2006

can you tell how big this hamburger is??
Kemby's served us a jombo burger tonight. they threw an 7th anniversary party. the taste was ok... and wat surprised me was the food there. they offered us free meal and 80% of them was meat!! it reminded me of america lol.
after a while, a batender there gave us a show. it was cool :) i tried to videotape that show but i couldnt make it.
though i couldnt go to vietnam, my golden week started with lots of fun.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i went to righa royal hotel to have lunch with my co-worker today. it was an invitation lunch from our insurance company again. we had a busiest time last a couple months at my company. so it was alomst like a reward for us that we could eat nice western cuisine at classy restaurant ★ my co-worker and i were determined that we would be rich enough to go to that kind of restaurant whenever we want to go...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

this is the only picture that i took yesterday at peace park. the cherry blossoms were incredibley beautiful and there were filled with people having hanami. we started the party at 5pm finished at 5am. i had to work the next day which really sucked but it was the funnesnt day in a long time. there were so many kinds of people in our group. i only knew some of them. one of them was a craftsmanship of a cup and ball toy called 'kendama'. he gave us a performance of it during the party. it was so cool!! tanya even tried it and she wanted to get one of these so badly. hahah.
i dont remember how much i drunk last night but im sure i did a lot. lol i ended up throwing up every half an hour the last couple of hours.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

are you interested in Jerry Potter?

Friday, March 31, 2006

今日はウェスの帰国の日。 私のカナダ留学からいうと約4年間の付き合いということもあり、広島駅で見送りをした後、心の中が空っぽになった気持ちがした。 外国で出会った友達は、これからもずっと友達でいられる自信はあるが、再会できる約束はどこにもない。 今まで友達になっていた人たちのうちこれから何人とまた会って話ができるんだろう。。。 これからの新しい出会いも大切にしていきたい★と思った1日でした。 wes, thank you for everthing...